Have You Seen the Face of Real Bigg Boss? You will Be shocked to Know about Real Bigg Boss

Posted on October 17, 2017

Bigg Boss a famous reality show of Indian Television. Different contestants live in a big house for some time. Their behavior with each other become the center of attraction of this show. Most of the controversies between the contestants are the main reason to watch Bigg Boss.
The House of Bigg Boss is look like a 5 star hotel where contestants live luxurious life. Another reason of success of this show is host Salman Khan. His style and beautiful way host this show is unique and liked by the people.
First thing comes in mind while watching Bigg Boss is the strong voice in the show which gives instructions to the contestants. Have you ever think who’s voice is this? This solid voice control every contestant in the show.
Everybody like this voice of Bigg Boss. You hear Bigg Boss instructions on the show have you seen the person behind the voice? Every year same voice for instructions and everybody follow it.
Meet the man behind the voice his name is Atul Kapoor. He is an Actor and Voice Actor who has given his voice in many TV Programs. He had started his career in 2003 but he started working with Sony Television in 2006. He mostly work to dub English Movies in Hindi.
He also work with Discovery channel and has given his voice to many famous programs of Discovery Channel.


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